A taste of Yoyo's & Goodbye's

Another six months have swiftly passed, and it is time to bid farewell to our interns in Stuttgart once again. We are pleased to acknowledge the internships of Camille Veltois, specialising in UX/UI Design at Strate School of Design, and Federico Maggi, pursuing a master's degree in integrated Product Design at Politecnico di Milano, which took place from March to September. It was an honour for us to learn that their expectations were not just met but exceeded during their tenure at PHOENIX. In addition to the diverse and engaging projects they were part of, the relationships they forged with the individuals at PHOENIX were equally remarkable. Jinseon Lee, industrial design intern in Munich and freshly baked bachelor's graduate from Hongik University will remain with us until the end of November.

For Federico, the most significant takeaway was the enhancement of both his technical and interpersonal skills: "Apart from having developed more and more my hard skills in the design field, it was important to speak up on things and not be scared to express my honest opinions.” Furthermore, both interns perceived PHOENIX as a place characterised by honesty and a distinct culture. Camille succinctly put it: "PHOENIX and its employees are very honest. They say what they think and stay true to their values candidly and remain steadfast to their values .”

The fantastic news is that both Camille and Federico will continue to be part of our team as working students. Federico will also embark on his master's thesis as part of the PHOENIX Academy program. This is indeed a pleasure for us! As their internships come to an end, we are excited to support them as they take their first steps into this exciting phase of their careers, confident in their significant contributions. We encourage them to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead while maintaining the proactive, maker-mindset they are known for.

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"Apart from developing my hard skills in the design field, it was important to speak up on things and not be scared to express my honest opinions.” Federico Maggi, ID Intern

As you already know, every intern leaves us with one last PHOENIX task: Design a Yoyo! For this year, our Principal Designer and Head of PHOENIX Academy Sven Feustel brought up something special: to create an eatable Yoyo made out of Pasta, which also meant that we turned PHOENIX into a 5-star restaurant for one day. The grand finale of our Yoyo challenge summer edition was a feast for the senses, and our amazing interns Federico Maggi, Camille Veltois and Jinseon Lee pulled off a spectacular show of creativity, innovation, visual delights, and unexpected tastes. Thank you for making this evening so memorable, lively and fun!


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