Stuttgart Media University - final presentations

Recently we welcomed students from Stuttgart Media University to our Stuttgart studio. Nine students came to present their projects to our team of designers. The theme of "Dignified Digital Ageing - How can we design a service that opens up the possibilities of the digital society to older people, leading to positive experiences in their everyday lives?" attracted many.

The three projects were quite different and with distinct points of view, bringing up some important topics for the senior community and their families/friends. "It is always a wonderful feeling to accompany the students on the journey through their project - and still be surprised by the results at the end." Flo, Creative Business Developer, lecture on this project. The pupils were a bit nervous at the beginning, but after they realized our team was there to help them, they stood more confident to reply to some questions, receive some tips and, of course, gain recognition from our side.

"I am super proud of the work, endurance, and growth of our students. Looking back, it really is always surprising the twists and turns the projects have taken over the semester. It is so grounding and refreshing to embark on a journey through the design process with the students, experiencing new things again and again and questioning our own actions in our everyday project work." Said Caro, Principal Design Researcher in our team, part of the lecturers in this project alongside with Moritz and Stephan.

This experience was also intriguing for our team members: "It was inspiring to see how strong the new generation of designers is, aware of the wellbeing of society, especially with relevant topics like the senior community." - Said Bárbara, our Social Media Manager. Even our founder Andreas Haug made some time and enjoyed the presentations. We relished the opportunity of receiving students and are proud to help them to achieve their best.

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'Working with Phoenix Design has been a truly enriching experience. It has taught me invaluable lessons and allowed me to experience the impressive transformative power of design.'

As Kristiana Ivanova, student at Stuttgart Media University, mentioned.


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