How was your internship at PHOENIX?

And again it‘s time to say goodbye to our second bound of interns in 2022 and simultaneously hello to the new ones. But wait – it’s not a real goodbye as some will continue their journey together with us as working students. Dominic Hahn will work with us as a product designer alongside his studies at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. From PHOENIX, he will primarily take away many new skills and a better understanding of good design. Adrian Steurer and Anna Marie Kotter, both students of Industrial Design at the FH Johanneum in Graz, will also continue to support us as working students. For Adrian, PHOENIX is both professional and progressive. If he had to describe PHOENIX in three words, they would be: development, professional and human. Anna adds inspirational, familial and international. For her, it was particularly exciting to gain insights into the expertise of her colleagues at PHOENIX. We are particularly pleased that Anna and Adrian were encouraged by their internship to continue with their design studies. Both want to continue their development in the direction of sustainability with a Master's degree in Eco Innovation.

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The Munich studio was lucky to have the active support of Manav Hemnani from the University of Rubika Design in France. Manav is studying Industrial Design Management with a focus on product design and is expected to finish his studies in November this year. It is not so easy for him to prioritise all the things he will take away from PHOENIX: “Honestly, it is difficult to prioritize all the many things I appreciated during my time here. With the opportunity to conduct user tests, I was able to experience and understand how we at Phoenix translate feedback into directions of development and strengthen the concept." He was also able to develop his rapid prototyping skills. The models later helped him work out the details and movements of concepts. He also takes away the communication of projects through storytelling for his future presentations. The Munich office was furthermore supported by Felix Heidemann who studies Product Design at the University of Applied Sciences Hannover. What he takes with him from PHOENIX are plenty of new experiences and newly learned skills. If he would have to describe PHOENIX in three words, those would be: professional, family and communicative. Felix will now finish his Bachelor with his thesis and would then like to start with a Master’s programme. We wish everyone a successful path in design and all the best for the future!


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