Embarking on a new journey in a new environment can be a thrilling mix of emotions – excitement, trepidation, and exhilaration. It’s a voyage of discovery, both for the newcomers and the company they join. At PHOENIX we encourage new joiners to be brave, resilient, and kind. New opportunities lie ahead of them, and we are excited to witness their incredible contribution.

Meet Metka, our Industrial Design intern, a lively and natural explorer gifted with keen sensitivity and natural empathy who is passionate about photography, cooking, and plants. Metka turns her cause to the issues of sustainability and behavioural change, aiming to understand in-depth user needs and tackle the core problems with targeted solutions. At PHOENIX, she aspires to expand her skills in design research and find a nurturing environment that pushes her out of her comfort zone.

Jorin, a globetrotter with a flair for fashion, is distinguished by his unshakable positivity—a Designer intern with a strategic mind and passion for CAD and ideation. Jorin’s journey is about more than just sharpening his skills; it’s a quest for collaboration and synergies that redefine and rediscover the boundaries of creativity in our dynamic field.

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Sarah, the UX/UI designer intern, is an astute, curious observer with a strong will and positive mindset who finds inspiration in the world around her. Whether it’s crocheting, reading, hiking, or cycling, she’s constantly collecting fragments of life to weave into her designs. For Sarah, this internship is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a journey of self-discovery, a canvas to unleash her full potential.

Last but certainly not least, allow us to introduce Kaja, our talented UX/UI design intern who joined PHOENIX in October. Kaja is a deep thinker with a passion for coffee and weightlifting. Her ambition to continuously grow, personally and professionally, drives her to work on projects with diverse clients and engage in vital exchanges that broaden her perspective. She brings a unique blend of skills and interests to her role. Currently pursuing studies in UX/UI Design, Design Research, Strategy, Writing, and New Media. Her academic background blends seamlessly with her personal interests in technology, philosophy, literature, and cinematography, making her an eclectic and innovative designer.

At PHOENIX, every single individual is a storyteller, and every story is an adventure waiting to unfold. We don’t just welcome interns; we invite them to be part of our ever-evolving narrative and use their vibrant voices to share their findings and create an impact on the orgsanisation and outside it too.


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