You are meaningful. You are Marketing.

Dear Design,

You are meaningful. You are Marketing.

Let's face it. Design serves a single purpose for most companies: to make a product or service as successful as possible on the market - in other words, to make as much money as possible. You could say exactly the same about marketing. And actually about everything. We are part of a value chain - we generate value. So is design morally wrong? Of course not. It's about the way we respond to human needs. Our goal should not be manipulating perceptions, just as we should not artificially generate demand. The strength of design methodology lies in recognising, uncovering and satisfying users' hidden desires. People feel understood by good design, it simplifies and enriches their everyday lives and accompanies them sustainably and in the long term. Yes, design increases sales. But not because it makes the added value of a product appear higher - but because it ensures the benefit and significance of a solution.

Yours, concerned Designer.

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