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September 5, 2023

A whole ecosystem working just for you. Starting from the mission to create invigorating every day that makes people feel truly alive, as PHOENIX, we developed the Hansgrohe Home app, considered the “Spotify for the shower,” an innovative app that offers a range of shower scenarios, known as RainTunes, to suit the user mood, situation, and personal preferences. Through the app, individuals can select and play back different multi-sensorial settings that integrate music, video, light, temperature, and jet intensity, creating a fully immersive and customised showering experience. Whether the user desires a cosy and relaxing ambiance with soothing sounds or an invigorating session with alternating hot-and-cold showers and stimulating jets from the Rainfinity shower family, the hansgrohe Home app ensures that every shower is tailored to users’ individual needs. Symphony of senses crafted to every user's desire. To create a seamless and harmonious ecosystem, PHOENIX took a comprehensive approach, addressing multiple facets of the shower experience, including sand, light, visuals, water, and sound. Recognising the complexity of this endeavor, we forged strategic partnerships with experts from diverse industries, which played a pivotal role in achieving our ultimate goal. Together, we transformed the mundane act of showering into a multisensory journey, inviting users to immerse themselves in an oasis of relaxation and pleasure.