Bonjour and Buongiorno to our new intern couple!

March brought us two wonderful new team members. The internship started for Camille Veltois, studying UX Interaction Design at Strate Ecole de Design and Federico Maggi, Master of Integrated Product Design at Politecnico di Milano. To their start at PHOENIX they already bring some learnings and a bunch of motivation. What Federico brings from his studies is the ability to work in various teams and different project levels as well as a positive attitude towards challenges, which will help him a lot to further grow at PHOENIX, he told us. For Camille her enthusiasm is the main point: “My studies have only increased my desire to always do my best, to learn and to discover and this is what I would like to bring to Phoenix: my enthusiasm and my desire to work.”
While Federico's bachelor's was based on technical skills, the master’s degree brings him closer to service and strategic design with extra attention towards innovation and future scenarios. “My personal focal points are very well aligned with my master’s degree program as I believe that a designer shouldn’t only solve pre-existing problems, but also find new ways to approach and avoid them in the first place.” From his internship, he expects to expand his vision of design, and learn from the many talented people at PHOENIX. Besides design, Federico is interested in fashion, music, sports and cusisine – so watch out for a stylish cook in the PHOENIX lounge.

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For Camille, the most important thing is clear: “Living and working while having fun and laughing a lot.” As it is her first internship, Camille has high expectations. She wants to better understand the business world, interact with clients, meet the constraints and expectations of the professional environment and of course have the opportunity to work with professionals of different profiles to grow professionally as well as humanly. Being a designer to her means constantly learning and discovering. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child. To be a designer is also to be able to live up to one's values in order to have a real impact on the world. It's being in contact with people, understanding and discovering them in order to help them.
People are the first source of inspiration to Federico. “Every person has a story to tell, and every story is going to be different from the previous one. Making new experiences, engaging with other people and discovering their cultures, habits and backgrounds is basically what inspires me every day, both as a designer and as a human being.” Also for Camille people are the main inspiration as well as motivation. “My second source of inspiration is the world I observe. I like to sit back and just observe my surroundings, from the people who live to the little movements of the leaves. It's like time stands still and I rediscover everything around me.” Have a good start and an educational time at PHOENIX!


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