Studio Connect Ride

What do most of our conversations revolve around? The topic of bicycles is omnipresent at PHOENIX. We have already been able to prove our fitness through our "Studio Connect Ride" from Munich to Stuttgart. So the city cycling initiative is just right for us. But also the goal of the "Stadtradeln" initiative is simple: to cycle as many kilometres as possible. Team PHOENIX is competing for Stuttgart and will be diligently collecting kilometres via the Stadtradel app from 20 June! The starting signal will be given in three days: from 20.06. to 10.07.2021 you can diligently track kilometres for Stuttgart! The location does not matter at first, as climate change does not adhere to city or country borders. Nevertheless, you will be cycling for a team and a city or municipality. The Climate Alliance will then award prizes for the results in five size categories. We think this is a great campaign that is worth supporting!

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