German Design Award 2022 - Gold

PHOENIX wins the highest award at the German Design Award 2022 - Gold for the pull-out faucet line Finoris - together with hansgrohe. In addition, two times Winner for Vivenis in the category Bath & Wellness and Aquittura in the category Kitchen, as well as a Special Mention award for Pulsify, RainDrain and XtraStories.

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German Design Awards 2022 - Gold für Finoris. The Finoris faucet line meets real customer needs by combining minimalist design with maximum flexibility at the wash place. The international jury of the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design - Bath and Wellness" has also recognized this and awarded the highest distinction German Design Award - Gold. The removable spout becomes a flexible shower head that meets the many different requirements at the washstand. At the touch of a button, you can choose between gentle, water-saving PowderRain or concentrated water jets. In the harmony of precise edges, pure cylinders and the flat handle, Finoris defines the design language for architecturally purist bathrooms - available in chrome, matt black and matt white. The Vivenis faucet line as a "Winner" convinces with an elegant design language, in which soft form and precise surfaces meet. The aesthetics of flowing water are cited. Thanks to the specially developed aerator, water becomes a form-giving element, merges seamlessly into the flat spout of the faucet and is continued in the operating elements. The wide water jet with AirPower technology reduces water consumption by 60% while allowing water to flow out gently and easily. Vivenis blends into timelessly elegant bathrooms - available in chrome, matte black and matte white.


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