Panel discussion at raumprobe Stuttgart

At raumprobe Stuttgart, our Senior Designer Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer was invited to take part in the panel discussion of "Gesunde Runde" together with Tilla Goldberg, Director Product Design of the Ippolito Fleitz Group and Hannes Bäuerle, Founder and Managing Director of raumprobe.
What this means? We were guests at one of the largest material databases in Germany: the raumprobe in Stuttgart. Not only were the entire building and the precisely selected materials impressive, but also the very current topics of the panel discussion. Organised and moderated by Dr Oliver Herwig, KAP Forum for Architecture & Urban Development, the questions of the hour were - which materials are healthy? Healthy for whom? Are materials that are healthy for the user also healthy for the environment?

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Which materials are healthy? Healthy for whom?

Sustainability is the word of the hour. We want to go one step further and ask: What are actually healthy materials? Participants are invited to get a direct impression of the materials brought by the speakers on site. Our CMF expert has chosen two textiles that are becoming particularly important in the current situation due to their antibacterial properties. Both materials from Interstuhl GmbH and Tessile Ecologico Biologico are also sustainable. A big thank you to raumprobe Stuttgart as well as the KAP Forum for the great atmosphere and the corona-compliant event!


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