Internship Review Winter 2022

Normally, we always have to say goodbye at this time - but fortunately for the three interns Timo, Sophie, Tina their time at PHOENIX is not over yet. Even though the six-month internship is coming to an end in February, all three will stay with us as working students! Sophie, bachelor student in Interaction Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd, Tina, bachelor student in Media & Interaction Design at the Hochschule Osnabrück and Timo, master student in Eco Innovative Design at the FH Johanneum in Graz completed their internship at PHOENIX. What is of course of burning interest to us at the end - what do they take with them on their further journey? Were their expectations fulfilled? Who or what made a special impression on them? What the three unanimously report back (and we are very happy about that) is the deep insight into their intended professional life and the practical application of previously learned knowledge. Especially the development of skills in the areas of UX/UI or ID, as well as the collaboration with customers and colleagues in the project teams has helped our interns in their personal development.

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To the question: "You pack your suitcase, what do you take with you from the internship?", Timo answers: "Although I always resolved to travel lightly in the past, it won't be easy for me this time and I expect my suitcase to be a lot fuller than before". Of course, it has not escaped the attention of our interns that the professional life of designers involves a lot of work and also sacrifice - the passion for design often creates a maelstrom around it. Keeping a balance between work and free time - a learning that is also part of reality. Thank you for your support, input to the teams, and time together! Good luck with your further journey, which we - at least for now - are taking together.


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