Mondays at PHOENIX

Mondays at PHOENIX are lively and brimming with creativity. We kickstart the week with a unique coffee ritual that energises us for the day ahead. And let's remember the ever-growing demand for drinking chocolate as well. This ritual awakens our senses and fosters a deep understanding of togetherness and inspiration, propelling us to dive headfirst into the day's tasks with a bold attitude.

As we come together, a symphony of smiles and "good morning" greetings in various languages fills the air, celebrating the remarkable diversity within our team. These warm and friendly exchanges create an inclusive atmosphere that makes us feel deeply connected and genuinely valued. Our MoMe, fondly known as the Monday Meeting, is essential in our Mondays. We connect the three offices: Shanghai, Munich and Stuttgart at least virtually. Each week a different studio hosts it, and it's an opportunity for one of our offices to share the latest project updates, HR, IT and communication news, and exciting business developments. This dynamic gathering catalyses collaboration and sparks creativity as we overcome challenges and venture into unexplored territories of innovative solutions.

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Once the MoMe concludes, we eagerly return to our dedicated workspaces, ready to transform plans into reality. We exchange courageous ideas with each other, empowering and inspiring one another to reach new levels of creativity. We do this through either scheduled Jour Fixe meetings or casual chats. Our collaboration extends far beyond the confines of our work, weaving its way into our culinary adventures. Especially on hot summer days, we relish the freshness of homemade meals, lovingly crafted to perfection, which effortlessly grace our plates. And for our esteemed Stuttgart office, enjoying lunch on our terrace, accompanied by breathtaking views of the picturesque Stuttgart hills, is the day's highlight.

Re-energized after this delightful lunch break, we continue our work, continuously bringing unique creations to life. The day may entail engaging workshops with our clients or fruitful design circles where we exchange feedback and share knowledge within our team. Finally, as the day draws to a close, leaving it behind as we head home. This essential step allows us to recharge in our safe spaces to return the next day and pursue what we love most.

In essence, Mondays at PHOENIX encompass a rich collage of experiences. From the energising coffee ritual to the warmth of multilingual greetings, the collaborative MoMe meetings, and the shared culinary adventures, we enthusiastically embrace the beginning of the week. Through these moments, we foster creativity, celebrate diversity, and create an environment where remarkable design flourishes.


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