As a design and innovation studio, we have a decades-long history of transforming our partners - but no matter how much experience you have, transforming yourself is always the most significant challenge (believe us). But we had no other choice, we have to keep our finger on the pulse of the future. We have to make our inner development visible to the outside world and put it into words. So, we did it. And reinvented ourselves.

You all know the story: PHOENIX was founded on a warm summer night in 1987 by Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr over a beer on a boat. A lot has changed since then: the company is more prominent, the design market is more complex, and very few of our meetings take place on boats. Nevertheless, we don't want to lose our roots amidst all the changes - is that possible? Future and past in harmony?


Companies like ours that have developed organically over a long period often lack clarity in their charisma at some point. What exactly is the quintessence of this collective, this brand? So, our reinvention process followed this guiding principle: we want to be clear. About what we are, what we do and why we do it - and where we want to go. We want to give our partners orientation in a time of ambiguity. We want to enrich people's lives.

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For the appearance of our brand image, this means a consistent reduction to the essentials while strengthening emotionality and closeness. Sounds like a damn complex challenge? We thought so too. And those who know us also know our answer in such situations: Collaboration.


Our new visual identity results from a synergy of different perspectives: PHOENIX feat. STUDIO LZ. What happens when two design studios join forces? Horizons are broadened, focus is sharpened. By bringing together our different ways of thinking, we expanded the boundaries of our creativity and achieved the Pareto optimum of functionality and appearance.

Our Managing Partner Andreas Diefenbach is convinced that the collaboration was the key to an extraordinary outcome: "The collaboration with STUDIO LZ made us think beyond. It really revealed new magic".


And the result? You are looking at it right now. For one thing, you are reading a red article: Since red has always been our colour, we decided to be even more consistent with it. Our new red is warmer, stronger, brighter. And it is everywhere. Articles, letters, presentations - we speak in red. Clear, emotional, consistent.

Speaking of clear - our new font, Extrasets"Klarheit Grotesk" by Alex Dujet, appears graphically as to the point as the formulations it visualises - a timeless form of expression whose contrast is further enhanced by the interplay between Regular and Bold Italic.


The visual language is also an elementary component of our corporate identity - it determines the closeness of our culture, including its personalities, as well as our work and how it can beexperienced. Individuality, emotions and liveliness are conveyed through warm lighting moods, shadow play and intense colours. But what should we write about pictures here when they can speak for themselves - just look through our website a bit.


One part of a corporate identity that should be remembered is how a company expresses itself as a collective. In the past, our communication was very dependent on the individuals communicating. But because we believe in radiating a collective personality as an agency, we have worked with copywriter Stephan Park to develop a style of language that reflects us. What does it feel like? About like the article you are reading right now.


Friends, we can tell you: rebranding yourself is intense. Sometimes exhausting, maybe even painful. But it was worth it, don't you think? The jury of the German Brand Award thought so, too.


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