SUMMER TRIP 2023 Team Event

What an epic weekend! We embarked on a remarkable journey to the captivating landscapes of Bavaria. Our mission? To escape the monotony of our daily work routines, embrace the beauty of the outdoors, and uncover new realms of enjoyment and creativity. Our adventure commenced with an early start, at 6 AM from our Stuttgart office. From there, we set off towards our first stop, the Munich office. Let me quickly mention our legendary bus ride. It was quite an interesting trip, with some of us falling asleep while a lively Schlager music party was happening at the back of the bus. 


We reached our accommodation around 12 PM. While the team hurriedly prepared lunch for everyone, some of us were already having a great time playing volleyball or table tennis, surrounded by the beautiful views of Bavaria. Gathered around a long table, we savored a delightful lunch together. Finally, we were ready for Weit Lake. For some of us, it was even our first-time swimming in a lake. The water seemed almost endless and pure beyond measure. We truly enjoyed our time there. Around 6 PM, it was too early to feel tired. Burger night, along with a pyjama party, awaited us. Or, should we say, a little fashionista show. The party went on until 5 AM, and everyone had a well-deserved sleep until it was time to wake up and prepare breakfast... 

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The next day started with pancakes and eggs. Everybody was super excited for the canyoning event, without knowing what awaited them. In total, we explored a 20 m-long canyon near the Austrian border. The team was enthusiastic about climbing down. It required a lot of jumping, walking, and sliding, and we successfully accomplished this mission. Such an adventure! When we returned to the city, cold beers were waiting for us. 


Upon arriving back at the house, the dinner team started preparing Chili Con Carne for Sausalito's Sweet 16 party. As the party slowly started, the campfire in the garden was also ready for us. Cows passed by as we sang songs in all possible languages. When the rain came down, it was a sign to continue the crazy party inside. We felt like we were 16 again, singing along to songs from the 80s and 90s. Another fresh morning in the Bavarian hills, we were getting ready to head back to Munich and Stuttgart. On the way back, we made a stop at the toboggan ride station to enjoy one last ride in the hills of Bavaria and grabbed lunch. Sad to leave all those behind, but a reason to look forward to having a trip like this again. Thinking back now, what a weekend it was. It was full of fun, collaboration, and a sense of being a team. An experience that we eagerly anticipate reliving once more. Stay tuned! 


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