You are innovative. That's bullshit.

Dear Design,

I am writing to share my thoughts on the state of design and innovation today. As a fellow designer, I have noticed a trend in the industry where you are often not as innovative as you could be.

Innovation is mainly defined as the process of creating something new or improving upon something already existing. However, the term is sometimes used superficially to describe a merely trendy or aesthetically pleasing design. While there is certainly value in creating visually appealing products, this should not be the sole measure of innovation.

In my opinion, true innovation involves creating solutions that are novel, functional, and impactful. This requires a deep understanding of user needs, a willingness to take risks and experiment, and a commitment to creating value in people's lives. The aesthetic aspect influences how people feel about and interact with a product or service. However, aesthetic design should not be an end in itself but rather the result of a thoughtful process that considers function, purpose, and user needs.

In addition, the design industry has become very insular, with designers often working in silos rather than collaborating with other professionals and subject experts. This lack of collaboration and cross-disciplinary thinking can limit the potential for this phantom word “innovation”.

Another factor that hinders innovation in design is the emphasis on trends and the pressure to conform to what is popular or fashionable at the moment. This can lead to a lack of originality and creativity, as designers may feel compelled to create something that fits within a particular aesthetic or style rather than pushing the boundaries and exploring new horizons.

I feel that, as designers, we have an essential role to play in redefining what we mean by "innovation" and creating new metrics to distinguish what is truly innovative from what is merely trendy. We must challenge the status quo, be bold in our decisions, and commit to originality and creativity to drive real change in the industry.

And I thank you for being the point of reflection that challenges my role as a designer.

You, Design, are always so controversial and in the making.


I am curious to see my contribution to shaping the new concept of innovation primarily related to you.




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