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Our work is guided by our clear philosophy which we have been following faithfully since 1987. Logik, Moral und Magie - sums up our philosophy of design excellence, surprising solutions with love for humanity and that special something that society instantly recognizes but is truly rare to experience. Let’s create something special. Together.

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Unique Appearances

Aesthetics matter significantly; without them, everything lacks appeal. A product's appearance captivates people, making them proud users. We strive to create visually and tactually appealing designs.

Tangible Brands

A brand experience begins with the initial contact and continues throughout the entire interaction with the products and services during use. We design experiences that make brands genuinely distinctive.

Meaningful Technology

Innovation requires purpose to be meaningful; it must address a genuine need. People embrace new technologies when they tangibly enhance their wellbeing. We strive to imbue technology with value and significance.

Evolving Ecosystems

We empower and mentor startups, transforming them into tomorrow's stories. Collaboratively, we construct user-centric ecosystems that foster long-lasting brand loyalty.

Special Scenarios

User-centricity is a fundamental value of design. In many challenges, products have to respond particularly empathetically to special requirements. We design products that understand people.

Humanised Machinery

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Florian Czak
Senior Strategy & BD Manager
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